Last week, President Biden invoked “God” in his quest to keep economic growth racing forward in the U.S. If you think “growth” is a religion, Biden did nothing to dispel that thought. As an environmentalist watching growth rage across and destroy the landscape here in Colorado, I…
The Doomer Movement is growing and it’s showing up in more places under more names by more people. The general concept of “Doomerism” is that humanity…
Wildfire risk maps overlap with population growth maps in the West, much of which is stressed by extreme drought
Mainstream environmental groups and media abandon policy of stabilizing U.S. population
New York Times and NumbersUSA tell similar stories
“Human activity is destroying life on Earth on an unprecedented scale", yet Podesta doesn't mention the role that human population growth plays in the…
“The inexorable march of the human footprint is just brutal”
A February 7, 2022, editorial in the Washington Post titled, “The U.S. Needs More Immigrants And More Babies” lays bare the pro-growth bias of the…
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Gary Wockner: Environmental Whistleblower